09/12/21 – Actualités de Francisco Mamani-Fuentes (doctorant SACRe / ENS-PSL)

Francisco Mamani-Fuentes, doctorant SACRe (ENS-PSL), participe au séminaire de recherche Artl@s/Visual Contagions 2021-2022, lundi 13 décembre 2021 à 14h.

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The 2021-2022 Artl@s/Visual Contagions research seminar will be devoted to the ubiquitous yet elusive and challenging notion of “style”. The seminar forms part of two research projects: IMAGO at École normale supérieure, Paris, France (European Jean Monnet Excellence Center, 2019-2022), on the European circulation of images, and a new project launched in January 2021 at the university of Geneva, Switzerland, VISUAL CONTAGIONS (SNSF 2021-2025), on the globalization of images.

Styles Revisited : From Iconology to Digital Images Studies. 2021-2022 Artl@s/Visual Contagions Research Seminar. Organizers: Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (UNIGE), Catherine Dossin (Purdue University), and Nicola Carboni (UNIGE)

Abstract : « Style artistique ou réalité transculturelle : le mudejarismo vu depuis l’Amérique latine »

One of the great debates in Spanish historiography has been the status of the Mudejar style or mudejarismo in architecture. Since its birth as a style, it has been a source of intense discussions about its place within Spanish architectural nationalism and about the ethnic and religious origins of its builders. Nowadays, visual studies have approached mudejarismo through the artistic circulations between the Iberian world and the Islamic Mediterranean or from the redefinition of Iberian forms in colonial spaces, eliminating it as stylistic category. This artistic phenomenon is not exclusive to Europe: the Iberian colonization of the Americas allowed the transfer and circulation of visual forms and construction techniques that were selected, adopted and adapted in architecture as well as in the arts and material culture. This americanization of mudejarismo is an area of study that needs to be revitalized by accessing and learning about an alternative historiography from the Americas. These « other » perspectives question mudejarismo as an Iberian and European phenomenon, and insert it in a space that allows to escape from the center-periphery model, installing a horizontal vision of historiography. To this end, I will present the different historiographical perspectives that, since the early twentieth century, have been devoted to the study of American mudejarismo and I will focus especially on those that have questioned the notion of style and have resorted to a cross-cultural definition from visual studies and the history of construction.

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