12/05/21 – Actualités de Xie Lei, docteur SACRe – ENSBA, promotion 2012

Xie Lei, docteur SACRe-ENSBA, publie un article intitulé « Circulation of Images, From Recognition To Erasure: An Artist’s Response » dans Artl@s Bulletin vol. 10, 1 (Spring 2021), à consulter en ligne.

Il participe également à une exposition collective intitulée « Male Mudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021 » avec les artistes suivant.e.s :

Soufiane Ababri, Tarsila do Amaral, Fernanda Azou, Fernando Marques Penteado, Mark Beard, Jean-Daniel Cadinot, Joseph Caprio, Raymond Carrance, Ugo Cipriani, Larry Clark, Jean Cocteau, Adriano Costa, Jean Ferrero, Tom of Finland, Léon Galand, Luc Geslin, Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Alair Gomes, Francisco Hurtz, Xie Lei, Patricia Leite, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Robert Mapplethorpe, Alexandre Maspoli, Daniel Lannes, Daniel Correa Mejía, Pierre Paul Montagnac, Paulo Nazareth, Antonio Obá, Rodolpho Parigi, Wallace Pato, Solange Pessoa, Jack Pierson, Francis Picabia, Guglielmo Von Plüschow, Martine Riviere, Luiz Roque, Patrick Safarti, Osmar Schindler, Sacha Schneider, Paula Siebra, Gustavo Silvamaral, Sarah Lucas and Julian Simmons, Wolfgang Tillmans, Erika Verzutti, Eliseu Visconti,  Andy Warhol, Bruce Weber, C.J Wielhorski, Maya Weishof, Shota Nakamura

« Mendes Wood DM is proud to present the group exhibition Male Nudes: a salon from 1800 to 2021Intersecting representations of the male nude, the show proposes to reflect on the concepts of copy, imitation, image, time and decline.

These works are presented as constellations of bodies present in art, bringing together, in a reference to the Salon des Refusés of 1787, a representation of the body that evokes a game of imitation inherent to artistic practice, both in its moral aspect and as a language tool, fully exposing the fragilities of the portrayed body, its impossibility, beauty and temporality ».

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